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Manchester Music Venues is your guide to the best live music venues Manchester has to offer. We give honest write ups from past experiences and descriptions of the venues advantages and didsadvantages. Our main focuss is on the smaller, more intimate establishments. All descriptions on this site are personal opinions and we know not everyone will agree with our views. You are encouraged to leave your own reviews in the comments section.

My main reason for building this site is because when I first moved to Manchester three years ago I did not know which venues were for me and which I should avoid. Searching through the internet was proving a laborious task as even the official venue websites did not give enough information at the time. With this site I wanted personal experiences and opinions and a site I would have found useful when I first moved here.

All venues listed here have links to their websites so it is advised for any bands wanting to play there to contact them through their site. If you’re into anything mainstream this site will probably not be for you and I’d advise to stick with the larger venues. If you’re into the more underground, intimate gigs then hopefuly you will find some interesting information on this site.

If you have recently moved to Manchester, visiting for a short stay or just looking for an insight into what sort of music venues Manchester has to offer then I hope you find this site useful.

Manchester Music Venues
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