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Islington Mill

Islington Mill is a converted cotton spinning mill in Salford. It is situated just off Chapel Street and is roughly a thirty minute walk from Manchester city center.

The building has various different sized rooms suitable for bands to play and is often host to exhibitions, art classes and other events. The place has a very distinct feel to it as the old mill structure has remained untouched. Part of its appeal for me is that it is a little out of the way so you don’t get random drunks who have never heard of the bands wandering in and ruining the gig.

One of the minus points, it is fairly small so it can be difficult to get a good view when it is busy. This is largely to do with the pillars which are awkwardly dotted around the main room. The toilet situation can also be a pain at a sold out gig, there are only two gents so the queue can be off putting.

Islington Mill is often seen as a central hub for all things creative around Salford. It is usually host to Sounds from the other City and other events, festivals and exhibitions.

Overall though this is one of my favourite venues. The old mill feel to it definitely gives it it’s charm and it is appealing to bands who like to play somewhere slightly different.


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