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Road House is a small venue located in the heart of the Northern Quarter. I used to regularly go to Road House for the ‘Underachievers Please Try Harder’ nights which featured live bands before a club night.

It is a very small, dark venue which feels a lot like going into a basement when you walk down the stairs and are surrounded by black walls and a low ceiling. While it may have a dark and dingy feel it has hosted some incredible bands which has garnered it a lot of underground credibility.

The bar is at the side and toilets at the back so there is no interference when a band is on stage.

I think your opinion of this place will all depend on your preferences. If you prefer the smaller, darker venues then this is definitely for you. But if the gig is sold out and you don’t like to be squished in a basement for a sweaty gig then it’s probably not for you.



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