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We’re here to give you a guide to the coolest venues Manchester has to offer. We are not interested in the large venues, more the smaller, more intimate establishments. Our site does not intend to slander any venue, quite the opposite. We’re here to talk about our experiences in these venues and what they have to offer. We give the pros and cons, if we don’t like a venue then we won’t talk about it on this site.

We know not everyone will agree with our views on places and you are encouraged to leave your own reviews in the comments section. My main reason for building this site was because when I moved to manchester two years ago I did not know of any of these places. Searching through the internet was proving a laborious task. While sites like Yelp can be great the subjects are too broad. Here we are just talking about awesome venues where all the cool bands and less of the ‘uncool kids’ hang out.

If you’re into mainstream pop, indie, r and b…this site is not for you. While if you like more underground bars, intimate gigs, a bar that does not necessarily serve Carling then this site will help you whether you have recently moved to Manchester, visiting for a short stay or just looking for an insight on a place you haven’t been before.

Sound Control


Feel free to leave an opinion, review or any experience you've had at this venue below.

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