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Soup Kitchen

Sarah’s Overall Verdict – The basement décor reminds me of an Air-raid shelter… with added bar and cool bands!

Soup Kitchen whilst mainly serving as a café bar, also on occasion hosts gigs and club nights in the basement part of the venue. Located down one of the many back streets of Northern Quarter it is adjacent from the cocktail lounge NoHo on Stevenson Square.

While the first floor is home to the canteen-style of the long wooden benches and tables, the basement itself has a no-frills feel to it, it’s dingy with school chairs tucked away in the alcoves, steel girders dotted about, peeling paint on the brickwork and the dustiest ceiling fittings I’ve seen in a while!

It still has a loveable points to it. The stage is never partitioned off so you can, if you wish, get as close to the stage as viably possible, even with the steel girders holding up the ceiling it’s pretty easy to get a good view of the stage a few rows back, the basement has a bar which means you don’t have to take a trip upstairs every time you’re thirsty and so far I have never been in with a bad crowd.

The only bad point worth a mention is the toilets, they are pretty rank and you feel like you’re taking a leak in a construction site’s toilet.

Soup Kitchen


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