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The Ritz

The Ritz is a medium-large venue in Manchester City Center very close to Oxford Road station. It has recently been refurbished but has kept its old dance hall look. You can choose to watch the bands from the dance floor or grab a view upstairs at a balcony that stretches all the way around room.

I really like The Ritz as it is very well laid out. Toilets upstairs and downstairs, bars either side of the room and large coat room. I can only speak about The Ritz as a venue to watch bands play, it also hosts club nights which don’t appeal to me and therefore can not comment.

The Ritz is quite a famous venue and has been host to some huge legendary bands such as Dinosaur Jr, REM and the Smiths. All this adds up to make one of my favourite venues in Manchester. Some may see the old bouncy dance floor as distracting but I see it as part of its charm.

The Ritz


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